Real Fruit Power Mix Fruit 1 LTR

Real Fruit Power Mix Fruit 1 LTR


  • Real Mixed Fruit is as rich and flavorful as any concentrated juice freshly pressed from a juice mixer
  • Offers an excellent blend that’s a rich source of vitamin c
  • Boosts immunity and energy levels
  • Can be used in making mocktails, cocktails, slushes, shakes and puddings
  • Container type Tetrapack. Maximum Shelf life: 7 Months. No added preservatives. No Alcoholic content.


Born from the peerless, world-renowned Muzaffarpur Litchis, these deliciously succulent litchis are an annual delight for litchi lovers who eagerly wait for the fruit every year.

Blessed with numerous nutrients of nature, the Pink guava is well known for its great taste and numerous health benefits.

Real Power Mixed fruit, is a great blend that brings together the best qualities of different fruits while retaining a unique taste of its own.


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