Soda Bisleri 750 ML

Soda Bisleri 750 ML


  • Gives extra punch
  • It gives a degree of ‘fizz’
  • Essential ingredient in lots of cocktails
  • It can be used to top-off the drink


  • When it comes to safety and assurance of quality, Kinley soda water is the go-to choice. Launched in 2002, the bubbly zing of Kinley soda makes a perfect mixer for your mocktails and is the perfect companion to your imagination with the extra punch! This Coca-Cola product goes through an intensive 10 Step filtration method before reaching you. The consistency and purity of the carbonated water is maintained using processes including disinfection, micron filtration, Reverse Osmosis, and mineral dozing besides other rigorous filtration procedures. Also containing added minerals, Kinley can be always trusted on


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